Managed Facilities Focus

Written by mhafizal on . Posted in Research Focus

Facilities management has developed in the past decade into a major, thriving business sector and discipline and continues to grow in many countries. The term facilities management – or facility management if one adopts a US perspective – has become accepted by governments, the business community, educationalists and researchers as an essential component of today’s business world.

Facilities management is of significance to organisations of all kinds and, as an emerging discipline, it has become the focus for the important issues of best value and customer satisfaction within the management of supporting services. Well-managed services enable an organisation to function at its most efficient and effective level, offering real added value improvements to the organisation’s core business. Facilities management is being elevated to a strategic level of importance and is therefore being given the task and opportunity to contribute to business success and to aid the delivery of competitive advantage. Indeed, in recent years, the range of services covered within the remit of facilities management has become more complex, as facilities management has moved into the core operational functions of client organisations. It is necessary for facilities management service providers and their customers to acknowledge the role of facilities management in the organisation’s strategic operations.