Community-based Facilities Management Focus

Written by mhafizal on . Posted in Research Focus

Facilities management has been primarily seen from business, industry and public service perspectives, and in different organisational and market settings. It is now generally recognised that, irrespective of the perspective or setting, the achievement of excellence relies on leadership to provide strategic direction, and on enabling processes, effective learning and innovation to add value and deliver results to an organisation, its people and society (Alexander, 2003).

Community-based Facilities Management introduces an alternative framework for the discipline of facilities management that challenges its existing conventional practice of delivering services for organisation settings and recommends new approaches for achieving optimum business performance as well as social and public interests.

Experience from case study findings in one of regeneration area in Malaysia, CEFM suggests that successful facilities managers need a range of skills and competencies that integrate both professional skills and people-based skills that are more generic and soft.