Best Value Creation Focus

Written by mhafizal on . Posted in Research Focus

The future of the Facility Manager (FM) is in creating value, expanding the FM area of impact and utilizing expertise to minimize cost. The FM needs to communicate with organizational leaders to command attention and utilize expertise [inside and outside of organization] to transform the facilities and services to meet the changing requirements of businesses and the worldwide competitive environment. The only logical way this will happen is the integration and utilization of all experts in the supply chain into the FM’s team. Accountability, efficiency and utilization and value of expertise must increase, and the use of decision making, management, direction and control [MDC] and supply chain transactions that offer no value must be minimized. This movement requires a transformation of the FM from an administrator and technical expert to a leader and an executive [more of a high level leadership role instead of a technical role.] 

The impact on the FM will be an increase in value and capability, the utilization of expertise, the reduction of cost, and the creation of a transparent environment which minimizes the need to MDC. It is the transformation from administration/management to leadership, from facility management to organizational leadership. The methodology of “reorganization”, cutting cost and outsourcing using MDC is no longer effective.

Today’s FM environment can be described as tenuous, reactive, cost-cutting, fast changing and demanding. The facility manager seeks to survive. Technology and the environment continues to change at a rapidly dizzying speed. The trend seems to be the outsourcing and downsizing of in-house FM staffs to cut cost, while requirements seem to continue to be more unpredictable and unstable. Traditional solutions to the changes include increased educational requirements, and a more detailed understanding of new technologies which force the FM to be technically “smarter”. The more active and visionary FMs are constantly active, trying to activate the overworked FM community. Slowly but surely, the FM programs are being taken over by FM vendors. In this ever increasingly stressful environment, the FM must find a way to increase the value of the FM while minimizing their increased workload.